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Private Transfers

Private Tours

Another drawback of being a top European travel destination is overcrowded iconic sites, museums and suburban palaces with parks. Our concierge service will help you forget about endless queues, trying to figure your way after a subway or train ride and enjoy the most beautiful places of Saint Petersburg and its surroundings without having to hurry. Boat and helicopter tours are alternative ways to explore the Venice of the North.

Inquire the list of tours from reception by e-mail or in person once you are here. Inquire a full-fledged itinerary with tours, theaters, lunches and dinners tailor-made and designed specifically to fit your schedule and budget. Our prices are competitive, and discount are provided on the basis of bulk reservations and advanced payments.

Theater Tickets

Six months of each year the theaters in Petersburg are either sold-out or offer limited choice of seating options. In 99% cases, this is not the case with our concierge service. Enjoy opera, ballet, concert or choir at the three buildings of the Mariinsky (ex-Kirov), the Mikhailovsky, or Shostakovich Philharmonic Hall.

Discover Russian traditional dances and songs at Nikolaevsky palace, or restaurants Stroganoff, Saint Petersburg or Troika. Merge into atmosphere Old-World Charm and Russian Fin de Siecle with classical concerts in palatial interiors of the Hermitage theater, Prince Vladimir Palace and many more.

Restaurant Recommendations

You read about a restaurant in a travel guide or got a recommendation from friends. It is only normal that information in guide books gets outdated the moment they get published. New places open every few weeks and close every few weeks as well.

Good old hideaways change owners and spoil, or flourish anew. Check it with our concierges because they monitor changes and get replies from guests all the time. They will provide you with the most up-to-date and bespoken recommendations. And make reservation should you make your mind.

Train and Plane Tickets

Did you decide to change your plans? Ventured to visit Moscow, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov or Vyborg while on the trip? Did your company decided they need you at a different locality in Russia? Address our concierges to get new tickets any time before or after you arrive.


Get your customized itinerary including all services above merely as an offer for services or just to find out about things to do in Saint Petersburg. It is free, yet likely to be the most comprehensive offer you might come across in most other hotels in Saint Petersburg. Should it be tourist trail or off-beaten track, we will inform you about every detail there is to consider.